Batching plants - Ready mix concrete batching plants

We offer fully automatic ready mix concrete batching plants with capacity from 40 to 120 cubic meters per hour. They are equipped with:

  • Ready mix concrete batching plants High class twin-shaft mixers (with capacities from 1000 to 6000 liters) or planetary mixers (with capacities from 750 to 3000 liters), produced by the well known and proved Western European companies
  • High class electronic weighing devices for weighting and dosing all types of mixes ingredients.
  • Multi-chamber silos for aggregates with capacity and number of bins tailored to customer's individual requirements.
  • Microprocessor based control system SYSBET II, which comply with the norm PN-EN 206-1;2003 obligatory for ready mix producers.

Technical solutions applied in our batching plants are constantly being improved. In 2008 our company has implemented two optimizing solutions into our SYSBET II control system which have been since qualified by the experts from Technical University in Poznan as TECHNICAL INNOVATIONS (fulfilling the standards taken under consideration during the investment award financing programme by the European Union).

Detailed control system description can be found in the tab: Control Systems.

control system SYSBET II

MARPO provides technical solutions which assure:

  • dosing of aggregates with an accuracy of 1 %, and the other ingredients with an accuracy of 0.5%; in case of a cement dosing it is +/- 1kg. The effect: high quality and repeatability of production and also cement savings!!!
  • repeatability of the concrete in every mix,
  • automatic and optimal times of mixing and discharging of the mixers,
  • minimizing the influence of human mistakes.

MARPO provides solutions which assure full control of all occurrences in batching plant operations:

  • Ready mix concrete batching plants Doubled record of cement usage for ensuring fast revealing of abnormal situations,
  • Hidden from a plant operator register of events crucial for material usage and defining the amount and kind of produced concrete.

MARPO provides microwave probes for measuring moisture of aggregates. Locating such probes in every aggregate chamber, and precise calibration with a help of halogen weighing-dryer ensures full repeatability of concrete consistence, despite of the changes in aggregates moisture.

We offer professional equipment for ready mix concrete factories:

  • Screw feeders, bag filters and other equipment for cement and fly ash dosing and storage
  • Recycling for concrete sludge
  • Mixers washing systems
  • Container boiler
  • Laboratory equipment (presses, moulds for concrete samples, weighing-dryers)

If you are producing high class concrete, you should automatically wash the mixer before the changes of the recipe.

We offer washing systems for mixers!