Batching plants - Cement silos

Cement silosWe have supplied the wide range of cement and fly ash silos for many companies in Poland and abroad.

We can design and deliver any kind of silo for friable materials.

We have already delivered over hundred of silos with capacities from 50 to 500 cubic meters.


Our silos can be equipped with:

  • Pneumatic or mechanical filter
  • Security valve
  • Maintenance throttle in the outlet
  • Level sensors: maximal, minimal or constant measurement
  • Different kinds of material's flow aid systems inside the silo
  • Silo heating system
  • Thermal insulation of silo
  • Overfilling prevent- safety system
  • Active unload beds
  • Basalt linings for loading pipes elbows
  • Special paint coatings preventing sticking material to the walls and improving the slide of material.