About company

About company MarpoMarpo is a private-owned, engineering and trading company established in 1982. We are specialists in designing and delivering of fully turn-key industry installations for construction/building materials as well as specialized production lines or equipment like an installation for recycling of concrete washing sludge.

We offer all kinds of service works for both our and third party delivered machines as well as modernization and implementing of new technologies in present plants.

Our installations are localized not only in Poland but all around the world. We have delivered plants to Germany, England, Holland, Hungary, Spain, Ukraine, Canada and Croatia.

We design also non-standard projects demanding moderrn and innovative technical solutions and fulfilling European Community requirements.

As a result of 25-years activity we have obtained a big confidence of investors to our plants which confirms high quality and durability of the offered installations and equipment.

We employ experienced experts. Our team consist of young and dynamic engineers as well as wide co-operative background. We continuously develop our company through investments in modern design and workshop tools - all due to care about innovativeness and reliability of our plants.