Batching plants - Aggregate storage bins

We produce aggregate storage bins with configuration tailored to customer's requirements. Aggregate silos are made as the group of steel bins set in the row (in-row silos). They can have from three to eight chambers with capacities ranging from 10 to 50 cubic meters each.

Aggregate storage binsThe outlets from these chambers are closed with the pneumatically operated gates, belt or screw extractors. Doubled outlets for the aggregates guarantee complete emptying of chambers. The gates' opening is controlled by the adjustable mechanical limit switch.

The aggregate's dosing control system provides very precise discharge in the last phase. The fine aggregate bins are equipped with vibrating plates, placed inside them, which facilitate discharge of cohesive materials. The aggregates chambers can be automatically filled through the belt conveyor system or the bucket elevator system.

Main features of aggregate bins:

  • Doubled segmented gate valves
  • Pneumatic servomotor DN100
  • Vibrator for sand bin
  • Sand moisture probe
  • Supporting structure of bins


Moreover each aggregate chamber:

  • Aggregate storage bins Can be equipped with partition wall
  • Can be equipped with a vibrator
  • Can be equipped with a belt or a screw extractor
  • Can have special (more steep) wall inclination of outlet
  • Can be equipped with extra outlet gates (in standard there are 2 outlet gates)
  • Can be equipped with aggregate moisture sensor
  • Can be equipped with heating nozzles
  • Can be equipped with wear-resistant linings in the outlet
  • Can be insulated
  • Can be covered with uplifted lid.
  • Can be covered with weather-proof housing (coverage)
  • Can be extended (standard width ranges from 2.8 to 3.5 meters)

We are also providing the belt conveyor aggregate loading systems.