Batching plants - Recycling of concrete sludge

Recycling of concrete sludgeWe offer an important installation essential with regard to environmental protection requirements. It is designed for utilization of concrete waste and washing liquid from mixers' cleaning. The system allows for separation of aggregate and water-cement suspension and further use of dirty water for production of concrete and another washing of concrete mixers. It results in significant savings in water use for the company and furthermore reducing the costs of concrete production.

The installation is:
Durable and easy to maintain, equipped in easy-dismantle components and protected with abrasion -resisting linings.

The installation has:
Automatic control system providing perpetual carefree control and any configuration of operating devices. This solution provides for automatic and service free operation.

The installation contains:

  • Screw separator
    The screw transporter has an innovative construction with variable pitch of spiral. Thanks to special holes in upper spiral part plates, the aggregate is more drained off. The bed of the screw is equipped with replaceable abrasion resisting linings. The separator has an automatic water dosing valve and dump for the washings.
  • Mixer for the dirty water tank
  • Pump supplying the dirty water to water scales
  • Crane with windlass for pulling the pump out of tank
  • Pump to wash concrete-mixers with dirty water.
  • Pipeline for the cement milk (suspension of water and dust) between the recycle pump and water scale at the batching plant.
  • Full set of level sensors for the dirty water tank
  • Equipment for flooding the concrete-mixers
  • Control panel for all the devices (electrical box with IP54 sealing)

Recycling of concrete sludge



The installation works under a supervision of a programmable controller with a display.

The control system guarantees continuous supervision.