Batching plants - Easy-movable batching plants

We offer a delivery of easy-movable batching plants with efficiencies of 45 or 60 cubic meters per hour. These installations are equipped with twin-shaft mixers with mixing capacity of 2 or 1.5 cubic meters of ready mix concrete. Thanks to modular construction and well-thought-out concepts, the whole installation can be moved from one job site to another in just five to seven days.

This is possible because of:

  • Easy-movable batching plantsidea of aggregates transporting skip, as a hopper on curve rails (no cavity in foundations),
  • cabling the installation with Profibus nets and sets of industrial plugs system between each module,
  • placing all the necessary components into an isolated and heated technological container,
  • setting modules of the plant directly onto flat ground and movable prefabricated foundation plates.
  • placing the control panel in a container - control room provided with the system of plugged connection with the plant devices.

Easy movable batching plant can be equipped with cross or linear aggregates storage bins, but the number of chambers is limited to four pieces due to mobility purposes and the single chamber capacity do not exceed fifteen or twenty cubic meters.

Concurrently the number of cement silos is limited up to 2 pieces, but the customer can choose between 60-tons silos with 3 meters diameter, or 50-tons with 2.4 meter diameter.

control system SYSBET II