Batching plants - Overhead concrete transporters

Double railed concrete overhead skip is a solution that aims into functionality and safety. This concrete transport system ensures full usage of the batching plant production capacity, as well as lowering the costs of service. All phases of concrete transportation take place with extra careful procedures and applicable safety standards.

Overhead concrete transportersHydraulic drive with adjustable speed

The skip is equipped with variable speed drive. Control system allows adjusting the maximum speeds for each hopper individually in order to meet actual conditions at customer's factory. For example: the speed during rotation, on curves, straights or inclines.

Most compact form of housing

Thanks to special construction of the skip it is possible to transport all kinds of concrete without losing production space. The compact length and height of the hopper allows for application in existing installations.

Twin-rail concrete skip with rotational unloading

Emptying of the skip by the rotating move is the best option for wet concrete because it guarantees maximum tightness and high flexibility in choosing unloading direction. The hopper can be discharged rightwards or leftwards, it can also be stopped at any angle.

Overhead concrete transportersOverhead skip with twin gate - "fish-mouth"

The fish-mouth skip is mainly used with dry and semi-dry concrete. This solution can be delivered also as doubled hopper separately for main and surface concrete.

Monorail skip

Very long distances with many curves or inclinations imply use of monorail version of the skip.


The advantages of overhead skip control system:

  • possibility of graphic presentation of skip's position and the load status
  • work can be done in an automatic or manual mode
  • skip can be called with a signal from receiving point or by the operator.