Batching plants - Weighing and dosing equipment

We offer professional weighing and dosing equipment. They are an integral part of our concrete batching plants and they comply with the EU norms EN-206 and EN45501. We design and deliver also individual weighing systems for industrial installations.

For aggregates dosing we propose a weighing conveyor belt placed under the outlets of aggregates silo. Weighing process is carried out in portions - each aggregate is dosed separately in amounts from recipe chosen in control system.

Weighing and dosing equipmentFor friable components dosing such as cement, dust, fly ash, silica ashes, the best solution is to use hopper scales. Weighing process is carried out by dosing components into the hopper until the requested weight is reached. Then the ingredients are gravitationally discharged into e.g. a mixer.

Those are common, proved solutions usually chosen by our customers. We can also implement other ways of dosing tailored to specific requirements of installation such as: continuous weighing, flow-through scales or volumetric dosing of light aggregates.

We produce also scales for all kinds of chemical additives and colours such as, powders, liquids and granulate. With scales, we deliver all necessary peripheral devices as: mixers, filters, BIG-BAG unloading stations etc.

Our control systems monitor in a continuous way the scales' status, and depending on weight increase or decrease during loading or discharging they switch on or off vibration and aeration devices. In this way the process is not only very precise but also very fast. Our weighing process consists of 2 phases: the coarse dosing and precise - fine dosing.