Batching plants - Base mass plant

This installation is designed for continuous production of mix from mineral aggregates and slag stabilized with cement or ash, applied as a base for road foundations or sub-crusts provided for leveling and stabilization of grounds.

Base mass plantThe main features of these installations are:

  • twin-shaft continuous mixer: MC-200
  • nominal capacity: 200 cubic meters per hour (above 300 tons per hour)
  • number of mineral fillers: max 2 aggregates plus wet slag
  • wet slag feeding: screw feeder
  • number of silos for dust substances 1 cement + 1 ash
  • SIEMENS microprocessor control with touch-screen panel

This plant can be configured in several different functional modes depending on the kind of materials used. The installation with full specification can produce masses from 2 or more mineral fillers (aggregate plus wet ash-slag) as well as two kinds of binders (cement and fly-ash). Of course we can deliver relatively simpler and cheaper plants.

Our base mass plant is provided with twin-shaft continuous mixer with all the ingredients dosed into it continuously. The proper mixing is ensured by optimal number of blades, as well as their inclination angle and speed of each shaft. This technology of continuous mixing allows for getting high efficiencies in concrete production with using relatively small and cheap machines.

Base mass plantThe speed of dosing of all the ingredients is adjusted by frequency converters which helps setting the proportions of the ingredient for requested recipe. The dosing accuracy for all the ingredients is continuously ccontrolled by the scales system.

Our INNOVATIVE weighing system ensures constant precise weight proportions of all the ingredients during the mixing, even if the continuity of the process has been interrupted (for example in case of the one truck's portions production) as well as when the materials have variable parameters.

The ready mass is unloaded from the mixer to the conveyor belt and then to damp trucks through the indirect hopper. This hopper is provided for temporary storage of mix. It holds the mix while the loaded truck leaves and empty truck arrives.

Our base mass plants are designed for continuous work of up to 360 tons per hour. With their usage our customers can produce:

  • base for road foundations (principal or auxiliary)
  • ground stabilization
  • lean-mix concrete
  • masses for road and railroad embankments
  • sub-crust for paving stones
  • substances for macro-leveling the grounds under roads, parking areas, industrial warehouses, building for public use.