Batching plants - Twin-shaft mixer

Our company offers very good mixers for high-efficiency production of concrete. Their main features are:

  • Twin-shaft mixer short mixing time,
  • durability of blades and linings
  • high efficiency
  • possibility of mixing the aggregates with grain sizes up to 150mm
  • adequate amount of mixing arms, which results in fast and symmetric mixing with less power consumption..

There is a wide range of twin-shaft mixers available, with capacities from 1.5 to 6 cubic meters.

The biggest mixers allow for a concrete batching plant to achieve the capacity of up to 200 cubic meters per hour.

On the special request of our customers we are able to deliver the concrete batching plant with a twin-shaft mixer with a capacity of up to 9 cubic meters.

Special construction of twin-shafted mixer blades is a result of our long-term experience. It is providing the intensive mixing not only in the surface of shafts, but also in the whole area of the bed inside the mixer.

Twin-shaft mixers are equipped with:

  • Automatic central greasing system (produced in Germany)
  • Specially constructed bearing framings for mixer shafts including double labyrinth-sealing protecting bearings from being penetrated by cement.
  • The emergency opening of mixer's gate (in case of sudden power loss)
  • The partial opening of mixer's gate.