Batching plants - Planetary mixers

Planetary mixers are perfect solution for all types of concrete (dry, semi-dry, and plastic). They have the shortest period of mixing time.

Why use ORU planetary mixers?

  • Planetary mixers Because they have enlarged surface of mixers' pan, which results in lower level of mixing material and this lead to shorter mixing time as well as the smaller power consumption;
  • Because the ORU mixer has a hydro-kinetic coupling, so it starts smoothly and this type of construction proveslong lifetime of planetary gear.
  • Because the ORU mixer has a perfectly chosen mixing blades' angles, so there's no need to install additional blades inside the mixer
  • Because the ORU mixer has no central column for drive transmission (the engine is mounted at the top)

Planetary mixers ORU are equipped with:

  • 2-6 mixing blades in the middle of mixer zone (the area of intense mixing)
  • 1-3 scraping blades gathering the mix from the walls and throwing it into the zone of intensive mixing.
  • circular mixer's outlet
  • interchangeable mixing blades (blades can be made of HARDOX, cast iron hardened with nickel, plastic components and also hard rubber)
  • Planetary mixerswall and bottom of mixers linings made of Hardox steel
  • hydraulic cylinder for opening the mixer's outlet
  • the emergency opening system for the mixer's outlet (in case of sudden power loss)
  • hydrokinetic coupling
  • wide mixer's door for easy access to the interior (dust sealed!)
  • special nozzles for water adding into the mixer

ORU mixers can be equipped with the abrasion-resistant linings for bottom and walls. Our company provide proven ceramic or armored linings (covered with chromium carbide).

On customer's request the mixer can be equip with:

  • Microwave measuring probes of mix moisture
  • Mixer self-washing sets
  • Sample-taking devices (during the mixing process)
  • Mixers' outlet self-cleaning system
  • Additional outlets (up to three in one mixer).