Batching plants - Moisture measurement systems

We offer complete solutions for monitoring moisture inside aggregate silos and achieving the final, requested concrete moisture inside the mixer.

In practice, the most common solution our customers decide to use in their concrete mixing plants is to measure the moisture of sand and then to control the moisture of the mix itself inside the mixer.

Moisture measurement systemsThe moisture control is done by the microwave probe installed in the wall or in the bottom of the chamber where the sand is stored. If required, the sensor is also placed in the bottom of the mixer.

The set contains the microwave probe and components of automatic system, there are also required necessary changes in the control software - our company offers the full range service for the whole scope of the delivery.

Computer water dosing system

Computer water dosing system is required for production of concrete prefabricated elements with precisely regulated moisture. The system basing on registered magnetic field changes defines the actual moisture of mix inside the mixer and corrects it until the moisture reaches desired level.

Basing on the data received from the plant's computer, such as:

  • Actual amount of aggregate and cement inside the mixer,
  • Mode of dosing the chemical additives.

and also the value of moisture of the aggregates and cement inside mixer (received through microwave probe measurement during so called dry mixing) this system calculates the water amount needed for the specified plasticity of concrete. Afterward the calculated amount of water is dosed and the wet mixing process takes place. During this process the control system corrects continuously the amount of water in the mix, until it reaches desired plasticity. This system is very easy in use and guarantees receiving an identical plasticity of each mix.

The system contains:

  • One microwave probe (in the ceramic-steel shield) mounted in the bottom of the mixer
  • Water computer (it can memorize 100 plasticity recipes, combined with the plant's computer), system with simple and approachable way of plasticity calibrating. It has all the functions for controlling the water devices (valve, flowmeter)
  • Water column directly connected to the water pipeline including the flow meter and the other equipment.

Apart from the fully automatic work, the system offers also semi-automatic water dosing procedure and its corrections during the manual mode of mixing process. Semi-automatic mode is for indicating the start of automatic mode.

We offer also OUR OWN, INNOVATIVE ALGORITHMS for achieving final moisture of the mixture. If you are interested in this innovative technology we will be glad to introduce it to you and present relevant opinions from the science-research units.