Batching plants - Fully automatic mini batching plants for construction sites

We offer a supply of both new or used ORU concrete batching plants, type ARA or KOALA, for direct use at construction sites.

Mini batching plants are perfect for such application. Their output range is between 12 and 24 cubic meters per hour.

Fully automatic mini batching plants for construction sitesThe plant contains:

  • Drum or planetary mixer
  • Automatic scales for aggregates
  • Automatic scales for cement
  • Two automatic aggregate radius lift arms
  • Cement silo
  • Additives dosing system
  • Concrete unload hopper.

Mini batching plants have compact construction with integrated cement silo. They are very easy to transport and assemble. They can be set and levelled on foundations made of concrete or wooden plates. There is no need to build dividing walls or aggregate silos. The automatic aggregate radius lift arm allows to collect the aggregates from the ground level, directly from a pile created after pouring out the aggregate from trucks.

KOALA plants are equipped with specially constructed drum mixers. Such drum is rolling on the outside rollers which adds to high durability of that device. The ingredients to be mixed (aggregates, cement, water, etc.) are fed to the drum through three separate inlets. Those inlets are situated in a way that the internal pattern of ribs and grates provides fast and accurate mixing of all the ingredients

This machine is fully automatic. It has electronic aggregates and cement scales as well as water dosing system.

We have great experience with delivering, overhauling and assembling of such mini batching plants in Poland.