Hard wear resistant mixer linings

Hard wear resistant mixer liningsWe offer you very hard, specialized ceramic linings for mixer interiors for both planetary and twin-shaft units. Said linings have about ten times longer lifespan than any other standard steel linings. It is an advantage in reducing costs connected with their frequent replacement and pauses from work. On your explicit wish we can offer standard steel linings or several kinds of special linings made from more resistant alloys of steel.

KALOCER - ceramic lining based on aluminum-oxide

  • High resistance for attrition
  • Smooth, corrode-resistant inner surface,
  • Delivered as plates and molders

Hard wear resistant mixer linings

KALMETALL - covered steel sheet

  • Four to five millimeters of cover from chromium-carbide
  • Hardness of the cover is about 700HV (Vickers scale)
  • Glued or screwed to the walls and flooring of the mixer