Installations for concrete products - Base boards

Base boardsWe offer delivery of wooden production boards from a reputable German producer. The offered boards are well known and verified as a reliable product across the Europe. The boards have a long life and very good vibration properties.

Board construction:

  • Made from well selected and seasoned wood class I-III (technically dried wood).
  • The board is made from planed planks joined together with continuous glued dovetail joint.
  • Besides of planning, the glued and pressed base board is additionally grinded on both sides.
  • The boards are also both side impregnated.
  • There are C-profiles pressed on the driving edges of the board made from galvanized 2 mm thick sheet. The C-profiles are pressed inside a wood and riveted.

All the above mentioned features cause that the offered boards have additional advantages apart from typical properties:

  • they can be used in installations with washing of top surface of products - the glued dovetail joint prevents from moisture penetrating inside the wood,
  • they can be used in closed curing halls with higher air temperature (35-40 ‘C) and very high moisture content (up to 90%)

To achieve better customer satisfaction there is implemented better and more expensive board production technology. The both side planed planks are first pressed and then cut to the required dimensions. In this way there is more waste wood produced but thank to this technology the board is free from edge elements with disadvantageous stress.

The special joining technology with glued dovetail joint makes the board more stiff and having better vibration properties. This gives better vibration transfer and better product quality. In addition the better stiffness allows for more heavy products.