Installations for concrete products - Semi-automatic line

Semi-automatic lineThe line is designed for production of wide range of concrete elements using base boards equipped with side supports (legs) which are located on the bottom of each board. In this installation the boards are stacked one on another but thanks to the legs there is a suitable distance between them. The whole production process and stacking is fully automated. Only transportation of stacked boards between the line and the curing hall can be made by a standard forklift.

The transportation can be also made in automated way after expanding the line with special transportation group.


Basic technical data:

  • vibropress with two intake hopers
  • vibrating table: 4 vibrators 2.5 kW
    Semi-automatic line
  •  product height: up to 12 cm (24 cm with boards equipped with double sided legs)
  • board dimensions: 1400 x 900 mm
  • hydraulic system: Rexroth / Vickers
  • production cycle time: 20 - 25 sec.
  • moulding form fastening: pneumatic
  • control system: SIEMENS S7 + touch panel
  • capacity: 800 square meters per shift